You may want to have different signatures depending if you reply from your own account or your support mailboxes.

Multiple signatures are managed natively by Gmail. You can refer to the official tutorial here:

1. Add a new account

Enter the email address you want a unique signature for. A confirmation code will be sent it.

2. Verify that you can access the account

Click on ‘Verify’ and enter the code you have received. This verifies that you have access to the new account.

3. Enter your new signature

Now, click on the ‘General’ tab an scroll down to ‘Signature’. You can now enter a different signature that can be attached to your outgoing messages based on the FROM email address you use.

Please note: In order to be able to respond to support messages from this new account, you must also add it as a user inside your Keeping™ account. (see how). If that’s not possible because you are using aliases, get in touch with us and we’ll manually add it to your account.