Keeping™ integrates inside your Gmail account

Simply log into your Gmail account to start managing customer support. 

Your new inbox

A new section as well as new functionalities have been added to your mailbox.

Open support emails

Click on ‘Open’ to see all of the support emails that need to be responded to.

Assigned emails

Click on ‘Assigned to me’ to see support emails that have been assigned to you.

Closed emails

Closed’ let you quickly access the messages you or your team have answered in the past.


With Keeping™ you can support multiple products or companies by adding different mailboxes. ‘Filter’ lets you easily access these different mailboxes.

New Ticket

Send a ‘New Ticket’ when you need to email a customer directly and want your message to be shared with your team.

Unlike regular emails new tickets (as well as any response you receive) will synchronise across your team. This ensures that everyone remains on the same page.



When your company receives a support email, a notification gets dispatched to everyone within your team. This notification lets you ‘Respond’, ‘Assign’ and ‘Change the Status’ of a particular message.

Assigning a message

Click on the ‘Assign’ button and select who you want to assign the message to. The assignees will instantly get notified within their own mailbox of the assignment.

Status change

Know where every support email stands by marking them either as ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’.
Open messages are messages that still need your attention while Closed messages are deemed to have been resolved.


It’s just like regular email

Simply reply to the message as you would normally. Your response will automatically get dispatched to everyone in your team so that everyone remains on the same page.

Leaving the conversation Open

By default conversation’s status will change to ‘Closed’ when you reply. But if you need to send a followup response in the future you can select ‘Open’ to keep the status of the message open.


Auto response

A great feature of Keeping™ is that repetitive questions can be answered in one click. When you open a message and the ‘Auto Response’ button is yellow, it means that pre-written responses are available.

Select & insert

Click on the yellow button and select the correct response from the list of suggestions. Personalize your response and hit send. You’ll save time never having to write the same answers again.

Saving new responses for future use

To re-use a response in the future, click on the ‘Save Answer’ button before replying. The next time a similar question is received, your new response will get suggested.


You now know how to use Keeping™. We have a number of other tutorials that you can access here.

We’re here to help! If you have any question feel free to get in touch with us.